The Florida Park Service Alumni Association is the name under which incorporation was sought in 1989.


In the context of these Bylaws, the Florida Park Service shall mean the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and Parks and its predecessor and successor agencies.

All references within these Bylaws to the Association shall mean the Florida Park Service Alumni Association.


The objectives sought through the formation of this Association are as follows:

1.   To foster a continued close personal relationship among past and current Florida Park Service employees.

2.   To engage in activities and programs which directly or indirectly benefit the Florida Park Service and its employees.

3.   To support and further the mission of the Florida Park Service

4.   To make available the considerable expertise of its membership in an advisory capacity, as requested.

5.   To provide members with up-to-date information regarding events which may affect them or the Florida Park Service.

6.   To further the good of the Florida Park Service wherever possible and perpetuate the spirit of unity, service and mutual benefit among its membership. 


 There shall be five classes of membership in the Association. Admission shall be contingent upon qualification in the appropriate class as follows:

1.   Regular Membership – Any individual who at any time has attained permanent status with the Florida Park Service, or in a position of direct line authority over the Florida Park Service. Spouses, widows or widowers of individuals eligible for regular membership on the above basis may also be admitted to regular membership.

2.   Honorary Membership – Those Regular Members who have served the Association, its members, or the Florida Park Service in an exemplary fashion and who may be approved by the Membership Committee and confirmed by the Board.  Spouses, widows or widowers of individuals eligible for regular membership may also be considered for Honorary Membership.

3.   Lifetime Membership – Any Regular Member may obtain Lifetime membership by paying the lump sum equivalent of 20 years of annual dues in advance. Spouses, widows and widowers of Regular Members are also eligible for Lifetime Membership.

4.   Associate Membership – Any individual, not otherwise eligible for membership, including OPS and volunteers or those who have demonstrated a commitment to the Florida Park Service.

5.   Partner Membership – Businesses or organizations who support the mission of the Association or Florida Park Service and whose membership is approved by the Board.


1.   Membership dues are as follows: Regular and Associate-$15 Annually; Lifetime-$300 one time; Honorary-Free; Partner-$50 Annually.

2.   Change in membership dues requires an amendment to the bylaws.

3.   The fiscal year for the Association shall be from January 1 through December 31.  Annual dues will be considered in arrears if not paid by March 1.

4.   Regular, Lifetime and Honorary Members have voting rights and shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of the Association.

5.   Associate and Partner Members shall have no voting rights or right to hold office. They shall be entitled to all other benefits and privileges of the Association.

6.   Two dollars ($2.00) of each individual member’s dues each year shall be automatically transferred to the F.P.S.A.A. James A. Cook Memorial Fund, Inc., for use by that organization for its authorized purposes; except that such automatic transfers shall be suspended when the balance in the said James A. Cook Memorial Fund shall exceed $15,000 and shall resume only when the balance in the said Fund falls below $10,000  Nothing in this provision, however, shall preclude the Association from transferring any amount of its excess funds to the said James A. Cook Memorial Fund at any time it may deem it appropriate to do so.  



Officers of the Association shall consist of a President, a Vice President/President Elect, a Treasurer and a Secretary.  All officers and directors shall be a Regular, Honorary or Lifetime Member with 5 years or more service in the FPS and shall be elected by a majority of voting membership at an annual meeting.


The Association shall have a Board composed of the President, Vice President/President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, immediate Past President and five Directors.  In the event the President is re-elected, his immediate predecessor will continue to serve as immediate Past President.

The President shall be Chairman of the Board.  The Board shall be the administrative governing body of the Association and shall have full power to act on all matters related to the Association.

1.   Election and Term of OfficeThe election of the officers and directors shall be at an annual meeting, and conducted in the following manner:  Members may make nominations in writing to the Chairman of the Nominations Committee 45 days prior to the Annual Meeting.  At the Annual Meeting, all nominations received shall be presented to the Membership.  If only one nomination for each office or directorship is received, voting shall be by voice.  If more than one nomination is received for an office or directorship, that particular office or directorship shall be voted on by written ballot.  Ballots shall be collected and counted by the Board.All officers and directors shall take office at the close of the annual meeting and shall remain in office until their terms expire.

All Board members will serve two-year terms and may succeed themselves for additional two-year terms at the pleasure of the voting membership.  The Officers, Director of Recognition & Awards and Director of Events & Park Support are elected in odd numbered years.  The three Directors At Large are elected in even numbered years.

Vacancies which occur during the year will be filled through appointment by the Board for the duration of the term.

1.   Responsibilities and Powers of Officers

(1)   PRESIDENT:  The President shall act as presiding officer at all meetings of the organization.  The President shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.  The President shall convene the Board whenever the affairs of the Association demand or upon the request of any three members of the Board.  The President may appoint temporary committees to act during his term of office.

(2)   VICE-PRESIDENT/ PRESIDENT ELECT:  The Vice-President/President Elect will assist the President and serve as chairman of the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall consist of three other members selected by the Vice President.  In the event of circumstances leading to vacancy of the office of President before expiration of the full term, the Vice-President/President Elect shall immediately assume the office of President with all of its powers and duties.

(3)   SECRETARY:  The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all Board meetings and all meetings of the membership.  The secretary will provide notification of all meetings to those who should receive them and keep accurate records of the business of the Association.  All records for the Association will be turned over to the incoming Secretary by the outgoing Secretary within 30 days of the election of a new Secretary.  The Secretary shall be responsible for developing and distributing the ballot for the election of officers at the annual meeting, if necessary.

(4)   TREASURER:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the proper financial transactions of the Association.  The Treasurer will establish a checking account in the name of the Florida Park Service Alumni Association, Inc. and will maintain all financial records in a manner which can be easily audited by a Certified Public Accountant.  The Treasurer shall pay current expenditures for the administration of the Association.  A financial statement and proposed budget for the upcoming year shall be presented annually to the membership for approval.

(5)   DIRECTORS:  The Directors shall perform such duties as assigned to them by the President or as designated by these Bylaws.  One Director shall be elected to serve as Chairman of each of the following committees:  Events & Park Support, and Recognition & Awards.  There shall be three Directors At Large who shall serve at the direction of the President.


The Association shall have the following standing committees and such other temporary committees deemed advisable by the Board and appointed by the President.

A.   MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  The Vice-President/President Elect shall be chairman, with at least three additional members selected by the chairman.  The committee shall foster membership in the Association.  This committee may nominate an applicant to any class of membership, for which he is qualified, by majority vote.

B.   RECOGNITION AND AWARDS COMMITTEE:  The Director of Recognitions and Awards will serve as chairman of this committee.  The Chairman shall select two other members to serve on the committee.  This committee shall be responsible for receiving nominations for various awards and citations.  Nominations for awards may be submitted to the Chairman at any time and if approved shall be presented at the next Annual Meeting or other appropriate occasion.  This Committee shall also make recommendations to the Board for new awards and criteria, as well as recommending awards and citations to be given as part of a membership event.  This committee may also appoint a sub-committee for awards or citations to be given as part of a membership event. 

C.  EVENTS AND PARK SUPPORT COMMITTEE:  The Director of Events and Park Support will serve as Chairman of the Events & Park Support Committee.  The Chairman will select at least three other members to serve on the Committee.  The committee will be responsible for planning meetings, events or gatherings of the Association membership.

D.  NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  The Chairman of this committee will be the immediate Past President of the Association.  It will have at least three other members selected by the Chairman and will be responsible for soliciting input from the Board and the membership in preparing a slate of candidates for expiring offices.  This committee will provide to the Board, the slate of candidates for approval and recommendation to the membership.  In the event of the absence of an immediate Past President, the chairman of this committee shall be appointed by the President.


1.   The Association will hold an Annual Gathering the spring of each year for the purpose of conducting business, presenting awards and holding the Arnold Kuenzler & Family Annual Auction.  When possible the Gathering should be held in a state park and the location moved around the state.

2.   Special meetings of the Association may be called by the Board or by the membership.  A petition by 10% of the Association membership will be required to call a general meeting of the Association.

3.   The President or three members of the Board may call a meeting of the Board. 


Questions not answered by these Bylaws or other official enabling documents of the Association shall be settled according to Robert’s Rules of Order.


 The Bylaws may be changed or amended by the following procedure provided the proposed amendments have been first approved by the Board.

1.   Proposed amendments to the Bylaws, as approved by the Board, shall be presented at annual meetings and must be approved by a majority of the voting membership present at the annual meeting.  Proposed amendments to the Bylaws must be filed with the Secretary and a description of the proposed amendment(s) circulated to the membership at least thirty days prior to annual balloting.

2.   Any amendment to the Bylaws becomes effective upon approval by the membership following the voting. 

Revised –   3/19/12

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